Canaan Selected as 1 of 9 Selected Best Stores in Bali by Simpul Group

The moment we have been waiting for! Simpul Group an Indonesian-based publishing company together with Bekraf, The Creative Economy Agency under President Jokowi has published its latest book titled 100+ Selected Interior Stores: Bali. We have been selected as the Top 9 Brands!

A great finish to 2018 after a hectic year learning new things such as working with various social enterprises, launching exhibitions, working with art foundations, opening a new store in Jakarta and the list keeps growing. We always say time and time again we are not just a retail store, we are more than that, ten years from now hopefully people will see us as a platform of creativity, community and collaborations. Our products are the facade of our business but the stories we tell through our various engagements of events, workshops and exhibitions hopefully will shine a light to Indonesia’s wealth of creativity and resources.



Canaan Launches New Clothing Collection

A few snapshots by photographer Chris Bunjamin this week of Canaan new clothing range at their Bali store. 

Find us at Katamama Hotel, next to Studio Eksotika and One Fifteenth Coffee.


Canaan In Flores Exhibition until 24 March 2018 at Kaum Jakarta

We are pleased to present Canaan In Flores Exhibition by photographer Chris Bunjamin. Taken from his perspective during his trip to Flores, Bunjamin's images showcases his unique vision and stories in Flores. Photographs are available to purchase and portion of the proceeds will go to children of Du'Anyam weavers in partnership with Hoshizora Foundation.

On view until 24 March 2018

At Kaum Main Dining Hall - Kaum Restaurant 

Jl Dr. Kusuma Atmaja no 77-79, Jakarta 

Tel 021 2239 3256 

Canaan launches Kapital Collection with Delstore Hong Kong

Canaan collaboration with Delstore boutique in Hong Kong launched on the 17th of November to much enthusiasm. We had many attendees from our previous event with The Fabrick Lab and is always great to see new regulars coming to our event. Kapital, one of Japan’s most underrated brand is founded in Kojima, in the Okayama prefecture known for its denim production. Still overseen and managed by the original family members, Kapital’s high quality of ‘boro’-made pieces are among some of the most collected fashion pieces in the world.
Canaan Hong Kong is located inside Potato Head Restaurant in the up and coming trendy area of Sai Ying Pun and we have been operating for the last 6 months. Next year we are excited to launch the Potato Head collection under the PTTFAMILY Group and it will see a much more curated direction into fashion and clothing. Do visit our store when you are traveling to Hong Kong or Bali.

Canaan Collaborates with Delstore Hong Kong

A pop up collaboration exploring the unique culture of Indonesia's Bali, Japan's Kojima and Hong Kong through a collection of handmade objects, found emphemera and clothing from Kojima's cult label KAPITAL curated by Delstore's owner and founder Derrick Leung. 

Launch Date, Thursday 17th of November from 7.30 PM with Music by Johnny Hiller at Canaan Boutique & Gallery Hong Kong.


About the collaboration

Hong Kong's select menswear store Delstore is considered as one of Asia's most curated stores offering premium brands such as Arts & Science, Needles, Engineered Garments and Hender Scheme. This month we collaborated in bringing a dot-to-dot experience of Bali, Kojima and Hong Kong through found objects, vintage magazines, furnitures and presenting a unique KAPITAL collection from the 17th of November until December 2016. 

Kapital, founded in the port city of Kojima, Japan is known for its 'East meets West' aesthetic blending used denim and reworking them in the Japanese 'boro' technique to create one-offs garment pieces. Expect to see Kapital's signature patchwork jackets and other limited editions products such as its indigo-dyed patchwork teddy among other sought-after pieces. 

Get.Give Edits at Canaan Hong Kong

We first met Kate Jones of premium lifestyle boutique Get.Give awhile back before we opened our sister store in Hong Kong. Full of exuberant spirit and positivity Kate is the driving force behind Get.Give together with her equally passionate cousin Seanne Ducat. Together they have opened a lifestyle boutique offering carefully-selected fragranced goods and handcrafted products from all over the world.
Her passions in approaching her selections of brands resonate with our similar beliefs that products are best sourced first hand ensuring that quality is maintained and consistent. We are excited that Kate has trusted our store to be her partner is provided Get.Give edits for Canaan Hong Kong. Offered this month are UK-Based Haeckel fragrance and skin care products made in Margrate, UK with ‘born of the sea’ concept. And our personal favourite Hender Scheme leather accessories for home, all handmade using natural raw leather and designed to be as individually unique with crafted precision. 

Welcoming Canaan at Katamama Hotel

Canaan has officially opened, at Katamama Hotel, Bali Seminyak.
Our opening hours are 10 AM - 10 PM
please come and visit us we would love to welcome all of you.

Our online store will launch very soon, stay tuned.