Artist Series: Emmelyn Gunawan for Canaan, Contemporary Exploration in Weaving.

Introducing Narrative Made

Canaan Hong Kong, our sister store inside Potato Head in Sai Ying Pun welcomes Narrative Made by local designer Sharon de Lyster. Sharon has made a beautiful collection using natural indigo and dyes from villages in China to Bangladesh, working with artisans and embroideries women creating unique pieces with intricate details. Sharon has spent her past working years at renowned trend-forcasting giant WGSN culminating expansive knowledge about tapping into the right trends and identifying how different cultures and identities directly impact style and the fashion industry. Her unique personal style and experience in Asian heritage textiles has created a strong versatile collection blending soft fabrics with linear silhouettes any modern women will find hard to resist. 
On another note, as we are coming into the thanksgiving month, Narrative Made is doing a Pay-it-forward campaign in November, which means all profit Narrative Made makes in the month of November will be donated to an non-profit organisation called Hope International. One can find the full detail is here:
Lets all support with a good cause, 


Lima is a design studio based in Indonesia. Lima watch specialises in creating natural and simple lifestyle products. Available in Canaan Bali is their range of watches represented as Lima Watch. Lime watch was made with a simple philosophy by the designer, ‘Adding value to a small piece of wood with good design.’  Lima Watch bring an edge to modern contemporary design watches with their sophisticated leather strap and contemporary wooden bezel. 

Find Lima Watch range of Lima Pagi and Lima Sore at Canaan Bali.




This new range of candle holder released by Haru is the creation of the people behind Massicot, the jewelry line made in Indonesia that we also carry both online and in store. This intriguing candle holders are hand made in Jakarta, Indonesia with the mixture of gold plated brass and resin. Each piece from the collection is unique and can be a conversation starter piece as well as the perfect medium to put your candles. Take a look at the range from Haru only at Canaan Bali. 

Our favourite Indigo products at Canaan boutique and gallery

New Arrivals at Canaan Hong Kong

We have new arrivals coming from all over Indonesia to our sister store in Hong Kong, from essential oils to ceramic and candles made by our friends in the industry, loving their passion and dedication. Our customers with young children can also pick up a few things, from children’s book Leap Hop, a travel book series for kids on a grown-up trip to Balinese kids dolls wearing natural dyed cotton pyjama, perfect for gifts and birthday celebrations. Kaminari candles are introduced this month, along with our wooden crockery collection made in Bali, essential oils from Organic Supply & Co. with bestseller items such as Virgin Coconut Oil and Thank Me Later natural sunblock for the sunny weather ahead. Be sure to keep yourself updated in our social media platform as we have upcoming events in Canaan Hong Kong.


We are loving Jakarta based design and lifestyle brand, Kaminari. Canaan believes that pleasant scent can complete the missing puzzle to a well designed room and becomes a mood booster too. What Kaminari does is exactly that, their vision is to tie sense of liberation in moment within nature and daily life. 

Their botanical candles are hand made with real botanical elements. Kaminari’s candle range varies from their botanical candles to tea time candles. The botanical candles got two ranges of smell, rose fragrance is clean and fresh with freshly cut flowers perfect for relaxation. If you want something more uplifting Clementine is perfect for you, a tang of oranges smoothened by warm cream vanilla. What makes it more perfect is it is designed to only burn down the middle of the candle and the soft flame will bring out the natural textures and colours of the ingredients.

Need accompanion for your quality time with friends or your precious reading time? Then, their tea time candles are the perfect fit. The tea time candles are sold in set of 3 short candle sticks or 2 tall candlesticks, comes in green tea scent and vanilla scent. 

Find your favourite candle from the Kaminari range at Canaan Bali. 




Founded by Australian ceramicist/designer Fliss Dodd, Udder has it’s own design that differentiate their collection from all other ceramics ranges. Her style is unique, drawing on culture, travel, humour, form function and everything in between.

Here in Canaan, we have her tableware collection ‘Trade Winds’, as the result of her travels within the archipelago of Indonesia and it is a perfect fit for our aesthetics, to source artisan crafts across the archipelago.

Their pieces are ethically hand-made in Bali. You can find Udder’s range of salt box, plate, cup, glass pot and many more in our Bali store. The designs are simple yet intriguing with it’s one of a kind drawing, pattern and writings painted on its surface. Udder’s Trade Winds range is definitely a must have pieces in your private sanctuary tableware collection.

Potato Head Hong Kong

Located in Hong Kong’s Sai Ying Pun District, the newly open Potato Head is bringing together mediums of art, music and fashion with culinary and mixologies experiences. 

Take a sneak peek at the interior and exterior here or make your way directly to Potato Head Hong Kong! 

G/F 100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

p. +852 2858 6066



Canaan Hong Kong Interior

Designed by Sou Fujimoto whom graduated from the University of Tokyo and he then established his own office, Sou Fujimoto Architects. Known for his permeable enclosures and distinctive design, one of his most well known project is the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London.

Located at Hong Kong's dynamic Sai Yung Pun neighbourhood, Canaan will be one of the contributors within the Potato Head Hong Kong Space. Our Hong Kong space is ane xtension of our much beloved journey with ndonesian textiles, ceramics and craft. 

Visit us at,

World Ikat Textiles Exhibition at Brunei Gallery SOAS London

A dear friend of ours sent us these photos from the recent Ikat Textiles Exhibition at Brunei Gallery SOAS in London, we were captivated by the striking photos and most of all beautiful ikat fabrics from all of Asia sourced and collected. If you are in that part of the world do visit, exhibition until 26 June! 


Not only do we focused on enhancing the beauty of your living sanctuary but we also focus on the little things that can adorn your physical beauty. That is when brand like Massicot walks in and help us envision that. 

Their The Factory Girl collection focuses on jewellery made from mixed material such as gold pleated brass, pearl and resin. All those materials are constructed as earrings and necklaces with a bold structured and a strong feminine touch. These pieces from Massicot can become the centre piece of your whole outfit or to help complete a look. Get your own pieces only at Canaan Bali.


When it comes to sustainable fashion, not much people behind the fashion industry focuses on the sustainability of kids clothes. That is when brand such as Sea Apple catches our eye. They offers us stylish and modern clothes for children aged 0 - 6 years old made out of organic cotton with it distinctive original prints. 

Sea Apple focuses on quality fabrics, comfort and design that can be seen on their latest Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, A Day At Sea. It features different prints in the likes of sea life including sea creatures, beach chair, crabs, fishing boats and maps. The fabrics then are transformed into dresses, tops, bottoms and one pieces. 

Not only will you give your kids beautiful outfits to wear but also sustainably made ones.



Introducing Pretty Wise at Canaan

The thoughts that goes into our head when we heard about utilitarian fashion line is a range of really masculine clothing line with dark and intense colour, bold fonts as well as detailing. That is when brands such as Pretty Wise goes against the current and proves us wrong. They offer us with original and utilitarian style of clothing yet luxurious. 
Pretty Wise has made an indigo collection specially for Canaan Bali that comes in a range of t-shirts with different prints, cardigans, bags and handcrafted chairs, all using indigo materials. The brand uses premium raw materials, special dyes handled delicately within a process that can last for months. The result is an array of classic styles created in an artisanal way.


When you mix Indonesian heritage with impeccable fashion sense in the comfort of your living area, you can expect to see effortlessly made and exquisitely delivered living and home brand as presented by SVAS Living. Fully made in Indonesia, under the supervision of SVAS LIVING, 'A Prelude to Ruang Tidur’ is a series of lounge wear and living products that will give your living area the right amount of Indonesian touch. 

Inheritance quality fabric like linen, wool and cotton are weaved skilfully by SVAS Living’s local craftsmen to keep the the roots and its tradition. SVAS LIVING uses non weaving device to stamped their batik fabric and each thread is weaved into perfection. Their range includes perfectly tailored lounge wear that you can pass wearing outside the house, baskets, rugs, pillow cover and all other decorative things you can image to turn your house into a home. Because a home is not a place it is a feeling, a feeling of being comfortable in your own personal and private space.

You can find SVAS LIVING's Ruang Tidur range, including their baskets, rugs, cushion cover and loungewear set at Canaan Bali.



Established by an Italian fashion designer, Alma Romanello whom aimlessly travels the globe and teaches Kundalini Yoga, Toyoga is not just an array of yoga clothing it has become a style of living. Made in Bali using all-natural cotton, Toyoga clothing are made so that you can pass from the mat directly to the street and still look effortlessly sophisticated.

The clothes are delicately handcrafted and entrancingly hand-dyed, withal the prints are constructed by adapting the ancient screen printing technique that uses woven silkscreen mesh and ink blocking stencil to transfer ink printed designs. Each piece of clothing is delighted with seven semi precious crystals that reflected the seven chakras of the human body.

Transforming from each poses and bending made elegant and comfortable with the custom constructed clothes that compliments the yoga practice. We first met Alma through her arrays of products and fell in love instantly, meeting her in person we realised that she is the true Toyoga woman, friendly, active, confident and has an infectious smile! 

Find Toyoga capsule collection at Canaan boutique and gallery.

Agave Indigo Carpet Threads of Life

We came across Threads of Life Agave Indigo Carpet late last year while visiting Jean Howe, one of TOL founders at her gallery in Jalan Bisma and fell in love instantly. Threads of Life works with over 1,000 weavers and artist in community across Indonesia to support the traditional weaving arts and to create sustainable livelihoods for local people. 

Made of Agave Sisalana - a plant that grows in dry areas up in the highlands, the plant can be found all throughout Java and the Eastern Islands of Indonesia. Threads of Life has bought the fiber from their local partners which was then used as a base in their Bebali Studio in Ubud.

The indigo that is being used to dye the fiber is grown in Java on large plots and then they are processed into a paste formula. Generally to make one carpet it needs around 50 kilos of indigo paste per carpet and can be counted as a mass production, which led them to purchasing paste rather than processing their own. The carpet itself is created using a very simple old weaving technique; first the agave is twisted into thread that becomes the warp. They then wrap the indigo dyed fiber around the warp to achieve the final product. 

Threads of Life is undertaking a project within the weaving community in planting indigo and teaching their partners to make paste which gave them a huge amount of extra production time in the dry season. The paste can be use as the paste for their own textiles or even sell it to other communities. Besides at Canaan, you can find Threads of Life agave carpets in the rooftop suites of Katamama Hotel.



The Tongkonan is a traditional Torajan ancestral house built laborously by family members to express their dedication and spiritual connection to their ancestry. “Tongkon” means to sit hence the name Tonkongan. When we visited Rantepao the capital city of Toraja, we still saw many Tongkonan spread across many villages and upon administrative buildings. We found them to be so captivating with its elaborate and detailed wood carvings to its majestic v- shaped roof. We left Toraja believing in its legends that their ancestral houses did indeed descended from heaven, and we hope that they stay for many more years to come.


Women of Toraja they are warriors, the backbone of the family and community. They are skillful women from attending to domestic duties to perfecting the art of weaving. During our trip we met with Dini Yusuf, a mother, wife and dreamer as it proudly says on her business card, truly humbled by her work in Toraja and what she has accomplished over the years. She welcomed us on our second day at Sad’an Village, one of Toraja’s most renowned weaving villages; there she has established a community of women weavers who are now successful in their own rights. We hope to collaborate with Toraja Melo in the near future and wish Ibu Dini all the success and blessings.


Katamama Hotel is PTTFAMILY newest addition in the island of the Gods, Bali. It is strategically located opposite of Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak known for its eclectic interior and grandeur coliseum-like architecture that has received numerous accolades. Canaan Bali makes its debut at Katamama on March 2016 next to Ubud’s famed raw food café Alchemy and Jakarta’s coffee purveyor 1/15th.


We met Made Arsana almost two and half years ago and immediately bonded over life stories of Bali and sharing his past experiences working in the busy Seminyak. His natural dye workshop Tarum has been producing textiles and ikat for the past fifteen years. Its location, in the south of Gianyar overlooks the coast and we always enjoyed our drive to and from Tarum back to the hustle and bustle of busy Seminyak. We are really quite excited of our future together!



Angela Judiyanto is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We met Angela over five years ago and have followed her work through the years; her list of clients includes Potato Head and Tapping Shoes to name a few. For Canaan Bali we have commissioned Angela to do a series of original watercolor marks for our collateral purposes.  Our thematic key word is imperfections, and we gave Angela the freedom to experiment with watercolor, brush strokes and textures.


The charming village of Pejeng nestled in the River of Petanu is located in the east of Ubud. Situated in a nondescript setting near the central market, this indigo workshop produces one-of-a-kind indigo-dyed textiles fusing the art of Japanese shibori with its own Balinese batik created by the genius of Tjok Agung and his adorable wife, Ibu Agung. Both works tirelessly employing women and men living in their nearby village sustaining their workforce and supporting the surrounding community. We sourced many of our textiles from Tjok Agung and has made them into one of a kind totes and accessories as each fabric is unique and hand-stamped with natural dyes.



Indivie is a little gem of store tucked away in Waroeng Made’s Seminyak street. Filled with an anthrologie of crafts made only in Indonesia this store is managed and founded by Judith Cheung, a wonderful lady whose passion for Indonesian crafts and heritage is an inspiration for Canaan Bali.


These Kalimantan baskets are handwoven with all natural dyes, sourced from Threads of Life and available at Canaan in store.





These handcrafted Japanese sandals from the region of Kumamoto, Kyushu are handmade using strands of kimono scraps, and dyed in natural indigo. Provided by our Japanese friend Momo-san, who is a native of Kumamoto we are very fortunate to find such individuals who are very passionate in preserving their local heritage crafts.


We are in love with Cahaya Naturals soaps made entirely of natural ingredients that are actually good for the skin. Using only the highest quality of essential oils, Cahaya Naturals soaps are bursting with fragrances such as tea tree, geranium, lavender and rose. With seasonal and limited edition offerings we are thrilled to custom-made a special fragrance for Canaan. Find out more instore.


Casamayor is a beautiful little store tucked away in Jalan Berawa Canggu, founded by Marie Schmit. Originally from France, they have now called Bali home. We are in love with her scented carved candles, depicting Balinese temples and sceneries. Find their products in store!